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Our 8 Pillars Behind Smooth Operations DB

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Fundamentally, quality is about meeting or exceeding customer expectations: every day, every shipment, in each product, year after year. That’s where the true value is, measured not only in higher revenues from greater customer satisfaction but also in higher operational efficiency and effectiveness due to increases in productivity and innovation.

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IPIC focuses largely on fixing leader’s mindset to build a sustainable safety culture.  Along with tracking safety, health, and environment (SHE) management system, we believe that cultivating the right behavioral mindset is more effective and sustainable long term.

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IPIC is about accountability and continuous improvement.  Our team consciously works together as one very large team to execute daily disciplines that demonstrate what a standard leader should exemplify.

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Good Governance

We are a values-driven organization and aspire to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards.

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At IPIC, it is essential for leaders to pair quantitative metrics with qualitative inputs. Certainly, qualitative measures can be tricky. It can be misleading as results can be challenged as subjective. However, we’ve found that only by combining them with quantitative measures can leaders capture the full value of output. In many cases, qualitative inputs provide the “why” that illuminates the quantitative “what” and show the best route to solutions.

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Our experience shows that a well-constructed team that brings together the needed abilities of a world-class innovator can compensate for the lack of “founders.” To do this, first you must understand what the critical traits are that drive the most successful innovators, and second, you must have a method of assessing your employees against these traits. With this information in hand, companies are able to form high-performing innovation teams.

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Compliance & Financial Stability

The tougher compliance environment has not only multiplied the various regulations that companies must follow but has also made it necessary for most to think about compliance in an entirely different way. IPIC decided to adapt to this new reality and turn it into a competitive advantage.

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The rise of digitalization over the past years has forced us to radically rethink of our operating models—for greater speed, effective communication, and flexibility.

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