IPIC has been known for a wide range of services that we can provide.  It literally is your one stop solution provider for manufacturing needs.We are what the industry refers to as toll manufacturer or third party manufacturer.  Toll manufacturing means we customize our processing based on our customer’s products/needs for an agreed fee.From the conceptualization of a client’s product, we offer our services that can provide quick turnaround solutions that save them capital investment.

We can conduct feasibility studies upon request and take over project management.  From the manufacturing set up design, to procurement of materials, to planning needs, testing and commissioning, micro laboratory checking, warehousing until delivery of finished goods.  IPIC can provide a solution for each, taking toll manufacturing services to a whole different level.

We understand that our customers have enough things to worry about in the front end of this competitive industry, and we would like to ease some of those burdens by providing a worry free, stress free service as we take care of the back end.

This is what our company stands for.