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We are a values-driven organization and aspire to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards.

Our code of professional conduct defines a set of expectations for the behavior of all members. It serves as a guide to help  understand the core elements of our policies and how those policies are anchored in our values. We expect everyone to comply with this code of professional conduct and we expect others working on our behalf, such as contractors, advisors, and other suppliers, to act in a manner that is consistent with our code.

Doing well by doing good

The vitality of our communities has always required the involvement of the private sector. Our aim is to be an organization that contributes meaningfully to the advancement of society.

One simple advocacy is to ensure the safety of our people when they travel to work. This meant cleaning the estero (canals) which gets stuffed with all sorts of garbage that causes sudden flooding during rainfall. This tri partnership with our local government and DENR has been an ongoing commitment from our Valenzuela branch since 2014. We keep going because of the opportunities we see to make a difference.

We don’t claim to have cracked the code to successful trisector partnerships. But we do think our approach— regardless how small has impacted a lot of human lives, and this has been extraordinarily rewarding for us as individuals.

Finding deeper meaning

Our leaders have taken initiatives to improve our community because it is incredibly meaningful. The personal return on investment from these community involvement exceeds that of pretty much anything else they’ve done, including their corporate careers. It’s that significant.

Drives like these also provide opportunities at a personal level. Members interact in a noncompetitive environment with fellow leaders, and they exercise different parts of their brains. While we like to think that managing a major corporation is all about influence, the fact is that it’s often just management: leaders make decisions, and others fall into line. At IPIC, it’s all about influence. Ideas survive and thrive on the ability of members to bring their colleagues along with them. It’s also creative. Our members have risen to their current positions by being very skilled at specific tasks in specific industries. Yet here, they may be examining a problem they have little expertise in, which is itself exhilarating. Not only that, they also have permission to try more things and make more mistakes—a luxury that quickly disappears in their day jobs. Don’t get us wrong; we are determined to reach the right answer to a given problem as quickly as possible. But there is leeway for experimentation and learning.

Overall, IPIC provides lessons that can be applied day-to-day. Some members learn from observing their peers, gaining insight into the way other chief executives think, solve problems, or interact. Others directly implement changes based on findings from our work; All members grow personally as a result of their involvement and relish the opportunity to be involved. The participants welcome the opportunity to be part of something bigger than they could be elsewhere.


We know personally how meaningful it has been to try to improve the community in which we live and work. The way we see it, leaders spend decades acquiring influence that typically peaks when they reach the very top of their organizations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the opportunity, at that point in your life, to engage with others in the same position and do something bigger than all of you?

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